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Orgone Energy Batteries are Tools for your healing you can begin to heal as soon as you make up your mind to do it. I think its very important that people know about their bodies energy system and start taking action in FEELING GOOD on your own.  Please be our guest and watch this workshop about Sex Energy Orgone and Meditation for tips on how to start your self healing.




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Life is so beautiful Radio show

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Hi , My name is Vanda Guzman, I am the founder & host of Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern . call in # 347-205 9957 & chat room is open. The Radio show is a Spiritual Show that shares information & truths with our listeners to support them in the wakening process so that they can live there best life while here and leave this place empty , having done all they were here to give,…Continue

Orgone Energy Battery Referral Program

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How I Feel About My Super Hero 13 Love Wand

Started by 13 Phoenix. Last reply by Mahri Torres Oct 6, 2013. 1 Reply

I realize that this may sound a little far-fetched to some..I am in love :)I saw Mari tweet a photo of a 13 Love Wand on twitter and I felt an immediate connection to the piece and knew I had to order it. When you order anything from you get a free consultation with Mari! Her energy and enthusiasm is uplifting, informative and contagious! Speaking with her was confirmation that something great was on its way to me.As soon as I put it on it felt as though a fog was…Continue

Sexual Healing Orgone Energy Batteries

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Meet the New Collection Born Yesterday inspired by Princessa Washington The Sexual Healing Orgone Energy Battery series featuring Rhodocrosite for Self Healing & self LOVE the only stone that directs love to YO'SELF. Black Tourmaline is a Electromagnetic Stone that will help you stay grounded during this shift, Galena will…Continue

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SEG13 MasterVibe Online "Sexual Energy" Course


     2015 started in an OHMAZING way, Orgone Energy information is connecting with millions of people all around the world. More and more people are becoming familiar with what it is and the healing benefits. I am so proud to be a part of this evolutionary change. Having Orgone Energy Batteries in my life have transformed EVERYTHING in my life and Im ready to share some of the things that I learned working with and through this energy.

A lot of people have been asking me to do workshops on how to make Orgone Energy Batteries, I never connected to that idea, I thought about it but I wasn't ready to go there, I wanted people to learn more about the energy and how it could be used, than how to make it. I know that there will come a time when I will teach my technique, my way of creating functional healing Art, but now is not the time first things first.

The Order of the day is Healing our selves, learning our vessels, physical and ethereal. We start by accepting that work needs to be done and commit to doing ALL of the work that is necessary for our healing.

Orgone Energy is an essential component to healing  because it transforms all negative energy inside and outside of the body, it clears your mind space so that you can THINK clearly connect to your ultimate source of energy, access your power cord and plug it in to the Universe.

By the end of 2014 I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to be a Orgone Energy Battery Dealer, I didn't want to have an Etsy store and sell my pieces to collectors. I wanted to help people learn how to work with this energy so they can heal themselves, that is what is required in this era that we are existing in, self salvation. Everything begins with the Mind, so we must clear all of the debris so that we can get to the mind and have conscious productive thought. Calcification of the pineal gland is an epidemic causing ethereal blindness, people could only see what is on the outside. Having the tools to do this is fantastic when you put it together with knowledge and action then your in the game. Thats where I come in. 

I started a Series called MasterVibe where I introduce a variety of life tools to assist people in mastering their own energy frequency.   Vibration is what creates reality, the world is in the state that it is because the masses are vibrating in a frequency of FEAR. If you master your own vibration you can master your life. That is what I teach in the series.

The first course of the series is "Sexual Energy" which is everything, I break it down by starting with the sexual energy in your circumference, your vessel your being. I introduce an outside source of sexual energy in the form of Orgone Energy Batteries, which are Chi generators, that generate life force energy on their own. Orgone Energy by its nature is sexual creative energy for its ability to help generate new cells, it clears out the negative toxins in your body and creates an environment where cells can reproduce more healthy cells, that is done through scalar waves. A scalar wave, a multi dimensional energy that moves faster than the speed of light, Orgone  that is a super power if you ask me, it makes me feel like a super hero everyday.

The concept of sexual energy is quite narrow, most only associate it to the physical act of sex only existing in the lower region of ourselves. The actuality of sexual energy is far broader, sexual energy is truly in every living thing, even newborn babies have it. The connection between sexual energy and Orgone made so much sense to me it made my own healing seamless and for that reason, I have made it an integral part of the MasterVibe Series.

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